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If you mean Rock Climb, Rock Climb can be found on the way to Snowpoint City. Try to find a house in the route in which there is a huge blizzard. It is easy to miss the house, so try to comb the area thoroughly. You can find the HM behind the house.

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Q: Where is the hidden move scale at on Pokemon platinum?
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What is a heart scale used for on Pokemon Platinum?

you use it for the move maniac who reteaches your Pokemon a moves for one heart scale

Where is the hidden move defog at in Pokemon platinum?

It is at the top of the lost tower. An old lady will giv it to you.

Where do you get the hidden move strength in Pokemon platinum?

you can get it from a guy called riley in front of the entrance to iron island

What hidden move are you allowed to use after beating hearthome city gym leader in pokemon platinum?


Where can you get a dragon scale in Pokemon platinum?

Catch or use the move Thief on a wild Horsea or Seadra. There is a 5% chance that they will be holding a dragon scale.

How do you scale Walls In Pokemon platinum?

you use the move rock climb, but u have to beat the gym leader candice

How do you move Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

Where do you teach a Pokemon a move it already knew in Pokemon platinum?

you have to go over to pastoria city and give the guy inside of his house a heart scale

What power does the unknown possess on Pokemon platinum?

If you mean the attack move, it's hidden power. Good Luck. -Lucky =3

What level does piloswine evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Piloswine must level up with the move ancient power, which must be taught by the move relearner for a heart scale.

Platinum is it possible to move your Pokemon from silver and blue to platinum if so how some one who really wants help quick?

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

Where is the hidden move dive in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dive is not a hidden move in leafgreen.