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In the Market Place in Henesy.

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Q: Where is the henesy's potion shop in maple story?
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How do you enter the code for pets?

There is a special NPC in Henesys, and some other islands, that sell special pet command books. This NPC is located to the right of the Henesys potion shop.

Is there a money glitch in maple story?

YES all you have to do is go to perion talk to blackbull the go to lith harbor and there will be 100000000 mesos on the ground in the POTION SHOP

Where is Torr's horn in maple story?

Cash Shop

How do you get a dragon pet in maple story?

buy from cash shop

How do you find a deputy star in maple story?

Cash Shop

How do you enter maple story codes?

You Go to Cash Shop (CS)

Where to find the rock of evolution on maple story?

You have to buy it from the Cash Shop

How do you change your name in maple story?

You can buy it at the cash shop. The cash shop button is on the lower >> side.

How do you get a boyfriend in Maple Story?

you both have to agree to it, and then he gives you a ring (you can get it in the nx shop).

How do you get a skunk in maple story?

A skunk is a pet you can get in the cash shop. There are also rabbits, monkeys, etc. in the cash shop available as pets.

Where can you get the metro hair in maple story?

Get Hair Coupon VIP then go to kerning barber shop

How do you get enchanted scroll in maple story?

You can buy it from the Cash Shop. They run 1,500 a piece though.