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i already found him hes on mountain first use the harpy clan place use the cave next to the bridge then go to top or the next 1 you see by going up if you see a harpy nest go to the tree go pass it and then go pass the magic bridge the next step are easy I'm gonna let u finger that out k

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Q: Where is the green dragon in fantasy life?
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How much is a blazing dragon worth?

actually, there is no real dragon in real life, it is only a fantasy.

Where is the green dragon in fantasy life for warcraft 3?

if your looking to create it in the editor then its located in the Unit Palette under Neutral Hostile in Melee in Ashenvale or Felwood section.

Where get triforce of wisdom in wc3 fantasy life 1.21?

First Shard : on the left of sephiroth u have to kill the Watcher. Second Shard : hiding behind the left eggs of the green dragon. Third Shard : you have to kill the ghost knight

What do you get if you breed firebird dragon and an dandelion dragon?

Nothing. Dragons are fantasy creatures. Ask on those fantasy sites you visit.

In fantasy is it possible to own a dragon?

Ofcourse it is. However, if the dragon chooses to let you own it or not, is another matter. But for the record, anything goes in fantasy.

How are the European dragon and Chinese dragon similar?

They are both believed as a fantasy creature.

Is green dragon a drug?

If you're talking about runescape you're crazy. Green dragon is a green dragon!!!

How do you get the dragon fang in Final Fantasy 8?

Usually drop by dragon monsters (Blue Dragon or Red Dragon). Try hunting .

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A story that might contain a troll or a dragon?


What is Chinese Scale Fantasy Wings Fire?


When was Green Dragon Tavern created?

Green Dragon Tavern was created in 1697.