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you get it from the boethia shrine. the shrine is on the east side of the map, and all you have do is fight a person of each race, . they have lots of good gear as well and lots of potions. so make sure you can carry lots, then you can make lots of money ( you have to be level 20 or higher to do the shrine)

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Q: Where is the gold brand sword in elder scrolls 4 oblivion?
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Where can one find the Long Sword of Voltage in Elder scrolls IV Oblivion?

In random loot, I believe.

What type of game is oblivion elder scrolls?

an rpg (role playing game) you can be good evil murderer thief even a gladiator. you can cast spells or slay with your sword, bow and arrows, this game will last 150hours plus. buy it NOW

Can you get ice swords on elder scrolls 4?

Chillrend is one. You can enchant any sword with a frost damage effect.

Is BioShock a roaming game?

You can roam around, but the game DOES end, if you want a game that never ends, try something like The elder scrolls 4, oblivion. It's a 3'rd person Sword and shield kind of game. Lots of weapons. And even more ways to kill people..

Where to find rohssan sword in oblivion?

It's in her private quarters but you can only get it in the theives guild quest.

Oblivion where to get the bruma sword?

there is no such thing. perhaps you meant something else.

How do you get the celebrant in dragon age 2?

To get the great sword, you need to do the awiergan scrolls quest. On the second part, there is a beacon on which you will find the sword. if you would like help with the scrolls quest let me know -blue

Where can you find an Elven sword in oblivion?

You have to be Level 15+ then Bandits will start dropping them.

Where is the Gladiator's Sword in oblivion?

The "Gladiator's Sword" which is a longsword can be obtained by doing battle in the Arena. I do not remember the exact point that this comes up though.

In Skyrim elder scrolls What is the altmer bladesman wearing?

If you're referring to the Altmer on the loading screen wielding the Daedric sword, he's wearing Hooded Thalmor Robes (ID 0010C698), Thalmor Gloves (ID 00065BB3) and Thalmor Boots (ID 00065BAC).

Were can you find the sword of woe?

To find the Sword Of Woe in the game The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind you need to first go to balaramora if that's the way you spell it. then go to the south west guard tower then go all the way up the stairs and kill the guard if you want to then look up on the closet and there should be a sword. take it and you should have one of the most rarrest swords in the game. (there is only 3) enjoy!

What is the strongers weapon in oblivion?

the bound sword is a bound daedric claymore. that weapon is tied with the daedric warhammer.