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you have to be a member to get the costumes . if you are a non member go to the party and go to the mountain . there read the tablet and do what it says

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Q: Where is the fruit costumes on club penguin?
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Where do you get costumes on cp?

Assuming you mean Club Penguin, the free ghost costumes are in the haunted house through the forest.

How do you make a robot on Club Penguin?

go to the stage and click on the box of costumes

Are there ghost penguins on Club Penguin?

Nope! There is only ghost costumes for Halloween

How do you win fruit party on club penguin?


Where do you suit up on club penguin marvel?

go to all the shops u'll find the costumes

Do you have a code that gives you lots of gold coins on club penguin?

no i don't think so. But you can get a stuffed animal penguin or puffle and get a code for cool costumes for your penguin.

What is a free code on club penguin for the fruit suits?


How do you get mermaid costume in club penguin?

To get a mermaid costume on club penguin you have to go to the clothes store and then click on a magazine on your left bottom. Then you can look at costumes and more by the way add me I'm poppy 

How do you get the fruit treasure that rock hopper hide in club penguin?


Where are the Halloween costumes for Club Penguin?

The Halloween clothes are in the normal clothes book in the gift shop. Molly-OX

What are the club penguin costumes?

Most are in the gift shop. You can only buy them if you pay to be a member. But some you can find free at partys.

WHEN YOU get a costuime on Club Penguin how do you put it on?

u click on your player card and then go down until u see ur costumes then u click on the costume and then its on ur penguin.