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The clubpenguin fish cooler is at the lighthouse hope you can find it now!!!

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Q: Where is the fish cooler on Club Penguin?
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Where is the fish cooler in Club Penguin?

In the ski lodge

Club Penguin What is the fish catalog?

club penguin

How do members buy fish in Club Penguin?

You don't buy fish in Club Penguin.

How do you buy a fish on Club Penguin?

You Can't Buy A Fish On Club Penguin. You Can Buy A Fish Tank For Your Igloo If Your A Member And It's In The Catalauge, But Otherwise, No, You Cannot Buy A Fish on Club penguin.

Can you be a gray penguin on Club Penguin?

u can be any cooler u want

Is Club Penguin or Webkinz cooler for 5th graders?

It depends on what u think is cooler

How do you get the fish to eat on club penguin?

you fish them the you eat them

How do you sell fish bowl igloos on club penguin?

You can't sell anything on club penguin.

How do you get fish as pets in Club Penguin?

You cannot get fish as pets in Club Penguin, but you can have puffles. Puffles are a type of pet that you can buy on Club Penguin. If you are not a member, you can only get two puffles, but if you are a member, then you can get more puffles.

Where do you find bate to fish on club penguin?

You have to fish with your puffle.

How do you get fish on Club Penguin?

You cannot get a fish in the game Ice Fishing but you CAN own a fish in Club Penguin. There's other pets in the Pet Shop. You do not need to feed them.

How do you get the fish in club penguin mission 2?