Where is the exit in Victory Road?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That would depend on what game you are playing.

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Q: Where is the exit in Victory Road?
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Where is the exit of victory road in pearl?

at the exit

Where is the exit of victory road?

victory road is at the end of the room when you first enter the cave, its like a maze

Where in victory road do you get gabite?

near the exit at the top

How can you get past the Pokemon league on Pokemon soul silver?

First, you have to get through Victory Road. Before you can exit Victory Road, Rival will challenge you to a battle. After you defeat him (if you do defeat him) you can exit Victory Road and enter the Pokemon League. Then you defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

Where is the exit of victory road in Pokemon pearl?

in twin leaf town

Where in the victory road is ryhorn?

it is in the very last part right before the exit ( its hard to find )

On what floor in Pokemon firered is TM02 dragon claw?

it's in victory road you can choose between it or a rare candy but you can get both of them you just have to exit victory road and go back in and get the other item

Where is Moltres in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow, Moltres can be found on Victory Road. _____ Going towards Indigo Plateau or the Pokemon League, near the exit of Victory Road (you have to have all the badges to get there), you will find Moltres.

How do you find trial chamber in Pokemon black?

You go to victory road, go to pokemon league, then go inside victory road from its exit, turn right go through the door on the left and terrakian will be there

Why is the man standing in front of the victory road exit?

he's not, he is gurding a different area. you went the wrong way.

How do you pass the victory road?

By challenging any trainers and pokemon that come your way. If you challenge them it will make your pokemon stronger. It is all a maze actually and you just have to walk around until you find the exit. You will know it is the exit when Wally comes to challenge you. Beat him then you can come out of victory road and challenge the elite 4.

Where is route 23 in Pokemon Gold version?

There is no route 23 in Pokemon gold but if you mean heart gold it is the north exit of indigo plateau south exit of route 22 and west exit of victory road.