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She is by the cave

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Q: Where is the elder of Celestic TOwn?
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Whare is the elder of celestic town?

in the celestic tow cave in the center of the town

Who is the elder of celestic town?

cyntia's grandmother

Where can you get surf in platinum?

you get it from the Celestic Town elder after you beat Cyrus

Were to get surf on Pokemon platinum?

You get Surf from the elder of Celestic Town.

How do you get hm surf in diamond or pearl?

talk to the elder in celestic town

Where is the elder in celestic town in pokemon platinum?

In the cave or in one of the houses.

Why do you talk to the elder in celestic town on pearl?

because its part of the game lol?

Where is the eldest of celestic town at if not at pond?

The elder of celestic town (Cynthia's Grandma) isn't at the pond! She's in/near the cavern with the painting. (By the way you have to battle the galactic boss in there !)

Where you can find surf?

The Elder in Celestic Town in the largest house (above the cave entrance)

Where is celestic town's elder?

if you mean the oldest lady she is by the little pond or she is in the Pokemon center

Where do you find the move swim on Pokemon platinum?

you get it from the elder in celestic town after you defeat Cyrus in the shrine

Where di you get surf in Pokemon diamond?

You get HM03 Surf when you go to Celestic Town which is above Solaceon Town where the Psyducks are suffering from headaches. You will fight a galactic grunt when you reach Celestic Town, after that go into the ruins after you talk to the elder. The elder will give you HM03 Surf after you press A facing to the picture on the wall.