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Right behind the blackthorn gym!

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Q: Where is the dragons den on HeartGold?
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How do you get past dragons den in HeartGold?

first you must deffeat clair

What Pokemon can you catch at the dragons den in Pokemon HeartGold?

magikarp dratini dragonair

Where can you get the dragon fang in Pokemon HeartGold?

in dragons den you can also catch dratini's in there

Where is the dragon master in Pokemon HeartGold?

the dragon master is in dragons den in blackthorn city

Where do you find dratini on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You can get it in dragons den in water, or in dragons den an old man will give you one after a quiz. by the way, dratini evolves into dragonair at lvl 30 then dragonite at lvl 55

Where are master balls in Pokemon HeartGold?

i dont actually know,but you can get 1 from prof.elm after beating clair and going in the dragons den.

What is in the dragons den in HeartGold?

The dragons den is a in a cave north of the eighth gym, after you beat Claire you got to the den master and if you have 5 pokemon after you take his test and receive the gym badge. you can get a dratini.(or go fishing in the bottom right corner and get one at level 40 with a super rod.)

Where is dragons den in pokemon heartgold?

Surf up the Blackthorn gym and you will be in a cave. use whirpool to get across on the left side of the cave.

Where can you get a Dragonite in Pokemon HeartGold?

Either by catching a dragonair at dragons den and evolving it at level 55 to dragonite, or by getting a dratini at dragons den, safari zone or goldenrod game corner, then evolving it to dragonair at level 30, then to dragonite at level 55.

How do you get Shiny Dratini easy in HeartGold?

I can't say it's easy to get Shiny but Dratini are found in the dragons den behind the last gym.

What is the duration of Dragons' Den UK?

The duration of Dragons' Den - UK - is 3600.0 seconds.

What do you do to get a dragonite?

You go to the dragons den (silver-soulsilver-gold-heartgold-crystal) and catch a Dratini train to lv 30 for dragonair and then to lv 55 for dragonite.