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Cerulean cape is the area north of Cerulean City. It is just north of the bridge that connects the cape to Cerulean City. The cape is any land that is above the Bridge that connects the cape to Cerulean City.

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Q: Where is the cape on Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Pokemon SoulSilver what is the cape?

A fashion item that is contained in your case.

Where is the guy with the black cape after you talk to him at The Lake Of Rage in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the Pokemon league

Where to find Misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

at the end of the cerulean cape (route 25)

How do you get to the cerulean cape in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go north of Cerulean City, across the bridge.

Why is misty not at the gym in Pokemon soulsilver version?

Misty is at the Cerulean Cape. It's close to Cerulean City.

When are you able to catch Suicune in Pokemon soulsilver?

After you get to Kanto and talked to Eusine, go to the cape outside of Cerulean.

Where can you find Suicune in Pokemon SoulSilver?

he runs away but go to cape brink,you'll see it at the top of cerulean city in kanto.

Can you give Pokemon black Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

no you can trade soulsilver pokemon to black

Where does professor Alvin live in Pokemon SoulSilver?

he is not in Pokemon soulsilver or Pokemon heartgold

What does the Pokemon SoulSilver game come with?

POKEMON SOULSILVER come with a poke walker and the Soulsilver game

Should you get Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pokemon soulsilver and Pokemon heartgold are basically the same game just different versions but i do recommend buying Pokemon soulsilver

In your opinion what's better heartgold or Pokemon SoulSilver for Pokemon?