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with any console controller now the analog sticks will click down. With the PS3 havine R1 and R2, R3 is when you click down the right analog stick and L3 is the the Left analog stick used as a button.

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Q: Where is the button on Playstation 3 R3?
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What do R2 and R3 do?

R2 and R 3 on the following systems do the following: Playstation 1: R2 is a game control located as the button on the back of the controller and R3 is the analog stick on the right side. R3 is used when you push down the analog stick playstation 2: same as playstation 1 PSP: there is no R2 or R3 Playstation 3: Same as playstation 1

Where is the button on Playstation 2 R3?

It's the right stick pushed in

Where is the R3 button on on xbox 360?

Right joystick. R3 typically refers to the right joystick on a Playstation controller.

Where is R3 on the PlayStation 3 controller?

You push down the right toggle

What button is the AOSS button for playstation 3?

The PS3 does not have a AOSS button

Call of duty 3 on ps2 is says to click r3 to use melee and there is no r3 button button is r3 in training?

R3 is when you click the right Analog in, in other words push the stick down. Not like the direction like if you would pull it up push it down and it makes a click

How do you crouch in modern warfare 3 on playstation 3?

circle button

Where Is a L3 and R3 on a playstation 3 controller?

the l3 is the left anolog stick pressed down. same with right analog stick.

Where is r3 on ps2 controller?

You press the R3 button when you press down the right analog stick.

Where is the aoss button located at on the Playstation 3 paddle?

the Aoss is located on your router and the PS3 does not have a router and does not have a button.

How do you call a taxi in gta 4?

For the Playstation 3, press L1. For the Xbox 360, press the same button in the same spot as the Playstation 3 :)

What is the aoss button on the PlayStation 3?

The aoss button is on a router. AOSS ( AirStation One-Touch Secure System) is a system by Buffalo Technology which allows a secure wireless connection to be set up with the push of a button. AOSS was also included in the PlayStation 3