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Vermillion City (The port), the same spot where S.S. Anne was previously.

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Q: Where is the boat that takes you to rainbow islands?
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Where to use the rainbow pass in Pokemon FireRed?

Show it to the sailor who takes you to all the Islands he will now let you go to islands 4-7!

When was Rainbow Islands Evolution created?

Rainbow Islands Evolution was created in 2007.

When did Rainbow Islands Evolution happen?

Rainbow Islands Evolution happened in 2007.

When did Rainbow Islands Revolution happen?

Rainbow Islands Revolution happened in 2005.

When was Rainbow Islands Revolution created?

Rainbow Islands Revolution was created on 2005-12-29.

What did the rainbow warrior do?

The Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace protest boat. It went to the Pacific Islands that were being nuclear tested on, and protested against it, to make them stop. It was sunk in Auckland Harbour on 10 June 1985 by French Secret Agents.

How long does it take to travel from Australia to Solomon Islands by ship?

It depends on the ship and how fast it goes/route it takes

Where is raindbow island in FireRed?

it's rainbow islands and its the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 islands

Where is one island in Pokemon FireRed version?

The only way you can get to one island is with either a tri-pass or a rainbow pass (you get the rainbow pass after you beat the elite four as well as the tri-pass if you didn't already have it) but as soon as you do you go to Vermilion city and you are able to pick from islands one to three with the tri-pass but with the rainbow pass you can pick from one to seven islands! As long as you've been on the boat before to get something from someone. Just never mind that.

How do you get to the Channel Islands?

Airoplane or boat

What does rainbow pass do?

It lets you travel to all of the Sevii Islands.

Where is the boat to set sail to all seven islands in leaf green?

If you have the rainbow pass already then you can go to vermillion city and go to the port and talk to the sailor that let you board the S.S anne he will ask you for your pass and he will ask which island to sail to and just pick one of the seven islands and your off.