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The only way you can get to one island is with either a tri-pass or a rainbow pass (you get the rainbow pass after you beat the elite four as well as the tri-pass if you didn't already have it) but as soon as you do you go to Vermilion city and you are able to pick from islands one to three with the tri-pass but with the rainbow pass you can pick from one to seven islands! As long as you've been on the boat before to get something from someone. Just never mind that.

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Q: Where is one island in Pokemon FireRed version?
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How do you use Pokemon FireRed version one codes on Pokemon FireRed version two?

use that gameshark user.

Where is your rival on one island in Pokemon FireRed?

he isn't in the one island

How do you go to one island or any other island after you get back to cinnabar island in Pokemon blue version?

you can't they only put that in on the remakes of the game (firered and leafgreen)

Where is Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed version?

You get Squirtle as one of the starter pokemon.

Whare is celio in Pokemon FireRed?

he is in one island in the hospital.

What do you do with the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

Give it to Celio on one island.

Where is ember spa in Pokemon FireRed?

One island in the north.

How do you get map in Pokemon FireRed?

You get a map from Celio, on one island.

Where do you get volpix in FireRed?

Vulpix is an exclusive pokemon to Leafgreen version if you trade one from Leafgreen to Firered you will be able to have it.

Is there Charmander in Pokemon Sapphire version?

no but you can trade to firered and leafgreen for one

Where can you find celilo in Pokemon FireRed?

If you mean Celio, his in one island pokemon center.

How do you get a ruby in Pokemon FireRed version?

it's on island one after you talk to the guy about the gem the two guies at the mountain they open a hole enter and it's in the cave.