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The black key in Puffle Rescue is on the level where the squid arrives and u hav to use the bubbles to follow him but u hav to wait until he passes. The squid will lead u to the black key.Hope this helps

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Q: Where is the black key in club penguin?
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How do you get the black key on Club Penguin?

you find it at the dance club

How do you get the golden key on Club Penguin?

at the black puffle rescue at the mine

How do you get back the key on club penguin elite penguin force?

use the black puffle on the next mission.

How do you seek the black key on club penguin?

by joiing animal jam or minecraft

How do you get the key on club penguin crab mission?

On Mission 6, the black puffle releases you from the cage. You don't need a key.

Where is the key to the stuck door on club penguin?

black puffle rescue game.find the door.

Where is the key for the door in the hidden lake on club penguin?

Play puffle rescue on the black puffles and find the key on the first level

In club penguin were is the key to the door in the hidden lake?

You will get the key when you have rescued the black puffle in puffle rescue three times it does not work

Hidden lake key on Club Penguin?

go on puffle rescue on the black puffle and follow the squid

On club penguin after you have made the black puffle happy where has the broken key gone?

it is in the captins quarters on rockhoppers desk

Where is the key on club penguinelite penguin force game?

in the black puffle game once you do all the levals u get it

How do you get the key in puffel rescue in club penguin?

you collect all the black puffles and at the end there should be a key to collect as well beware the big squid