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In Cerulean City. You have to go talk to the Pokemon Fan Club Chairman in Vermilion to get the bike voucher before you can get the bike though.

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Q: Where is the bike shop on Pokemon FireRed?
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What town do you get a bike in Pokemon FireRed?

Cerulean city it has a bike shop you can get a bike for free if you have a bike voucher you can get one from the chairman of the Pokemon fan club which is located in vermilion city.

How do you get to the Pokemon tower in Pokemon FireRed?

By bike

How do you get a bicycle on Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

go down to the pokemon fan club near where you get your 3rd badge talk to the old man about his rapidash hell then give you a bike pass take that to the bike shop owner then you have a bike

How do you get a bike volcher on Pokemon FireRed?

the vermilion Pokemon fan club

Where is the acro bike on Pokemon sapphire?

The Bike Shop...........

How do you get a bike Pokemon Red's Adventure Pokemon FireRed Hack Rom?

I've never played Pokemon Red's Adventure, but since I'm assuming it's based off of Pokémon Fire Red, where ever the second gym is, since there is a bike shop there.

What do you need to get a bicycle in Pokemon FireRed?

go to vermilion city and go to the Pokemon fan club talk to the chair man, and he'll give you a bike voucher. go to cerulean city and go to the bike shop and he'll give you a bike. PS- DONT WASTE 1,000,000 POKEDOLLARS ON A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a bike Pokemon FireRed?

Get to Vermilion City and find the Pokemon fan club you can't miss it its a green building with a sign next to it there is a chairman of the club talk to him and listen to his story about his rapidash once he is done he will give you a bike voucher show this to the bike shop in cerulean city to get a free bike.

Pokemon Blue how to get a bike?

get the bike ticket and bring it to the bike shop and you will receive a free bike

How do you get a bike in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you purches it at the bike shop for 100,000,000 bucks

How do you get a bike on pokemon emarald?

go to the mauville city bike shop!

In Pokemon FireRed if you said no to the the Pokemon fan clubs chairmans question can you still get a bike?

Yes, you can

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