Where is the beta shop in aqw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Beta shop was deleted after the game was pronounced released. Although the shop was deleted, the Beta Berserker remains in game.

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Q: Where is the beta shop in aqw?
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How do you get the beta beserker shop id for Hellquest v. 835 on AQW?

Load shop 5, but you can only buy it if you are a beta player.

How do you get berseker armor in aqw?

Armor shop- its mem only. Beta zerk- you missed the only window of opertunity- beta teasting.

Does any one have a shop that has beta items in aqw?

If someone was able to get into the beta shop, any other player would be unable to use that shop though that player. You can search the wiki for more info on the beta items, by searching Beta items, or just beta []

Where is the beta shop in AQWorlds?

the beta shop in aqw is in /join swordhaven and then go into the inn where robina and artix is and click on one of them NOTE: only the people with beta tester badge can go into the shop, if u r a beta tester and have the badge u cant go into the shop because it only opens once a year for beta testers they'll tell u when it opens on the NEWS

Were is beta testing in aqw?

Beta-testing is over in AQW. It happened before October 10th 2008, when game was still in-testing.

How do you get beta berserker in aqw?

well you will have to pass the beta test and the beta tester badge in oct 10 2008

How do you become a berserker in aqw?

its only availble in beta version but can buy undead berserker armor in the evil shop at shadow fall(500 ac) or if its the class you are after you can buy it for 5000 gold at upgrade shop in battleon.

How do you get beta beserker in aqw?

The Berserker class can be found in the upgrade shop in Battleon.The Beta Berserker class is RARE and was only available during beta testing.The Undead Berserker armor can be found in the evil shop in Shadowfall.Note: The Undead Berserker Armor is only available to evil players and costs 1,000 ACs.

Is there a miltonius shop in AQW?

yes there is a miltonius shop.

Load shop area in aqw?

shop in hyperium

How do you get beta berzerker in aqw?

You had to buy it during the alpha and beta testing stages of the game and is no longer available.

What is the shop id for the game challenge shop in aqw?

it is 201