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After you beat the Elite 4, give gabite Exp. Share nad go to Stark Mt. with Buck. You will fight doubles. Get a really strong Pokemon (lvl 70+) and get it Surf or Earthquake. KO in one. Buck will heal Pokemon after ever battle. Gabite gets 1000+ experience every battle.

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Q: Where is the best place to train a level 40 gabite in platinum?
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How do you level your Gabite to Level 48 from Level 46?

train it to get xp points.

Where is a good place to train gabite?

Anywere but mostly in caves

How do you get gibles second?

you have to train your gible up until level 24 and it will evolve into gabite

Where is the best place to train Pokemon level 15?

route 205 for Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum. the trainers have Pokemon from level 10 to level 17

How do you catch garchomp in HeartGold?

Garchomp can't be catched. Except for the legendary pokemons it doesn't exist that strong wild pokemons. You need to catch and train a gabite in the safari zone, and evolve into gabite at level 30, and than to a Garchomp at level 48.

Where should you train a gabite?

get the exp. share and give it to gabite. then go challange the elite four.

How do you evolve corphish in pokemon platinum?

Train it to Level 30

How do you evolve sealeo in Pokemon Platinum?

Train it to level 45.

Where do you find the 3rd evolution of gabite?

Elite Four Champion Cynthia has a garchomp, also you can train a gabite to lv. 48.

Where can you find Gabite?

You have to catch a Gible first and train it until it evolves.

Where is a good place to train all of your lv28 in Pokemon platinum?


How can you find a leveil 100?

You train your Pokemon to lvl 100 or you can find some at the battle frontier in the place where you rent Pokemon and select open level in Pokemon platinum