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but mostly in caves

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Q: Where is a good place to train gabite?
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Where should you train a gabite?

get the exp. share and give it to gabite. then go challange the elite four.

Where do you find the 3rd evolution of gabite?

Elite Four Champion Cynthia has a garchomp, also you can train a gabite to lv. 48.

Where can you find Gabite?

You have to catch a Gible first and train it until it evolves.

How do you level your Gabite to Level 48 from Level 46?

train it to get xp points.

Where is a good place to train in sapphire?

The only good place to train is the elite four unfortunately.

Where is the best place to train a level 40 gabite in platinum?

After you beat the Elite 4, give gabite Exp. Share nad go to Stark Mt. with Buck. You will fight doubles. Get a really strong Pokemon (lvl 70+) and get it Surf or Earthquake. KO in one. Buck will heal Pokemon after ever battle. Gabite gets 1000+ experience every battle.

How do you get gibles second?

you have to train your gible up until level 24 and it will evolve into gabite

What level does gibit evolve at?

gible to gabite- level 24 gabite to garchomp 48 good luck

Where can yoou get grachomp on Pokemon diamond?

You catch a gible then train it till it evolves into Gabite then into Garchomp.

Where is a good place to train a glaceon?

A good place to train glaceon is route 217 and route 216. Hope this Helps:)

Where is a good place to train on Dragon Fable?

A good place to train is the moonglow quest located in amityvale, Blacksmith dude

Do you have a good starting team togekiss gallade gabite floatzel tropius and Infernape?

Not bad but may I suggest training gabite to evolve to Garchomp??