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i hav to say barbarian village but i don't fish there anymore because my fishing lv is 52 and add me im punami987 and im lv 63 and wen u add me tell me ur from wikianswers

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Q: Where is the best place to catch trout in runescape?
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Where can you catch herring in runescape?

A best place to catch it would be Catherby, along with most other fish.and at ur moms house

What fish is best to catch at level 56 fishing in runescape?

At that level, the best you can catch is Swordfish (level 50 to catch, 100 exp/per). However, remember that you also get Tuna in with the Swordfish. However, at that level you may want to go with Baiting or Fly Fishing as I have found they are quicker experience overall (Pike, Salmon, Trout).

What do you catch wild brown trout with?

To catch use minno or a bunch of worms. But the best way to catch them is in the evening on a flyrod.

Were is the best place to pk on runescape?

The Wilderness.

Where is the best place to fish sharks in runescape?

Fishing guide

Where is the best place to kill zombies on runescape?

The best place to kill zombies is at the armor zombie place. IT is where everyone get 99 str.

Were is the best place to buy full black on runescape?

grand exchange.

Where is best place to kill stuff on runescape?

stronghold of secutity i like

Where is the best place to mine gold on runescape?

Living Rock Caverns

Where is the best place to mine coal in runescape for mrmbers?

barb village

Where is the best member only fishing spot on runescape?

catherby is a great spot u can catch almost evry fish there!!!!!! such as: .lobster,shark,swordfish,shrimp,trout,salmon,tuna,herring,sardine ect......

Where is the best place to do attack on runescape?

Killing Fire Giants at Baxtorian Falls is a great place for training.