Where is the bait on club penguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In mission 2 the bait is an O berry. You combine the rope and a ski to make a fishing pole, tie the o berry to the pole and catch a fish.

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Q: Where is the bait on club penguin?
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Where is the fish bait on club penguin?

you have to mate

What if bait id banned you club penguin?

create a new penguin

Where is the bait in secret of the fur in club penguin?

by the dock

Where do you get the bait for the fur mission in club penguin?


In club penguin secret of the fur what is the bait for the creature?

Go to the Pizza parlor and get a candle as bait.

How do get bait Club Penguin?

add cutiepie558911 and 123awesomeoucho on moshi monster

What is the bait for monster in secret of fur in club penguin?

seaweed pizza

What game has a shark in on Club Penguin?

there is a shark in the ice fishing game on club penguin and the shark bites off your bait and you loose a life.

What do you use as bait for club penguin mission 6?

The bag of puffle O's

What is the meaning of bait in Club Penguin?

On Club penguin, bait has 2 meanings. the first one means something you use to fish during the ice fishing game on CP. The second bait, as in bait items, are cheat items you can get using special cheat programs. However, by getting them, you get banned for 72 hours.

Whatwhere is the bait for the monster on Club Penguin Mission 5?

the candle in the pizza parlor

How do you catch the big red fish on club penguin?

use the yellow fish for bait