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The furnace is pretty much right next to the bank area.

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Q: Where is the Zanaris Forge on runescape?
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Where in RuneScape is the cosmic alter?

South of Zanaris.

In runescape where is the chaos alter located?

It is in Zanaris, the fairy world. To get to Zanaris, you must complete the quest "Lost City". The actual altar is in the very southern most part of Zanaris.

Where do you find fairys in runescape?

Zanaris after completing the "Lost City" quest

RuneScape how to get in zanaris?

you need to do the quest to go in there check or whatever it is

Where do you put in fairy ring codes?

Zanaris Fairy Ring (south-west of the bank). Fairy ring codes cannot be entered into the entrance/exit fairy ring, nor can they be entered into fairy rings around RuneScape; all rings redirect the player to Zanaris, where the code can be entered.

Where can you find Isold in runescape?

He is stood by the forge in Burthorpe

How do you get a dragon dagger on Runescape?

You can get one by: 1) buying it from a shop in Zanaris 2) buying it from the Grand Exchange or trading with another player or 3) as a rare monster drop

Where can you get free cosmic runes in Runescape?

RuneCrafting > Zanaris Cosmic Altar. However, you will need to have at least started A Fairy Tale Part 1 to gain entrance to the fae town.

Can you repair 'old armor' in runescape?

You either forge it or get another one.

Where is the forge in RuneScape?

Perhaps you mean a furnace? There are several; one is in Lumbridge, north of the castle. There seems to be no place simply called "forge", but there is a "lava forge" in the TzHaar city.

How much does the dragon longsword cost in Zanaris on RuneScape?

100K Gold, but the dragon scimitar is the same price, and I think is 50 times better.( I have it. i have a bgs and there 1 millon times better then dlong and dsimmy put together

Where do implings appear most in runescape?

They appear most in Puro-Puro, this place can be best accessed from Zanaris ( Lost City Quest Needed to access ), since at this location puro-puro's access point doesn't disappear. you Will find it in the Wheat Field.