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its not on treasure beach

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Q: Where is the Sapphire on treasure beach in pokemoe leaf green?
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What is sapphire in maori?

hāpira is the Maori word for sapphire. Additionally, Maori people treasure green stone (pounamu) the most.

Where are the ruby and sapphire gems on sapphire?

The ruby and sapphire are on fire red and leaf green don't worry about the in ruby sapphire or emerald.

Where do you buy a leaf stone?

you can't get them in sapphire and emerald. You have to trade the green shard to the treasure hunter dude near Mossdeep city to get a leaf stone. Green shard can be found near that treasure hunter dude house, you may have to dive up and down many time to reach it, you can also find the red, yellow shard this way. Good luck

What games can Pokemon LeafGreen trade with?

Ruby/Sapphire/Leaf Green/Fire Red/and i think Emerald. if not, trade from emerald to Ruby/Sapphire, and from ruby/sapphire to leaf green. You need to have the Sapphire and Ruby before you trade. you get these after the elite four.

Where is fuschia townin Pokemon sapphire?


Can you catch a growlith in sapphire?

You can not get a Growlithe in Sapphire. You'll need to trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green.

What is the green shard used for in Pokemon sapphire?

The green shard can be traded for a leaf stone if you talk to the Treasure Hunter on Route 124. Any shards can be traded in for an evolution stone. Yellow Shards = Thunderstones Blue Shards = Water Stones Red Shards = Fire Stones Green Shards = Leaf Stones However there are no shards that allow you to receive a Moon Stone.

How do you get sapphire items in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You simply can't, coz Sapphire and leaf green are totally different games. I have them both, i got the Sapphire first, and when i got leaf green lots of things were'NT there because leaf green was made before Sapphire and they probably added new stuff to the latest games. Except if you ment the berries, you can find them in the trash cans sometimes. Z

Is it possible to trade pokemons from sapphire to leaf green?


Can you get a slobro in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can but you have to trade it over from Leaf Green.

Where are leafstones found in Pokemon Sapphire?

You obtain Leaf Stones by first searching the Pokemon world for green shards. You may then trade those green shards to the Diving Treasure Hunter, who is located at the southeastern end of Route 124 (near Mossdeep City). There are many shards to be found in areas that can be explored with HM Dive.

Where do you find the sapphire to catch mewto?

you cant on sapphire. but u can trade them from a fire red or leaf green Pokemon game