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There are trainers all over the game

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Q: Where is the Pokémon trainer on Pokémon blue?
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How do you move the Psyducks in pokmon diamaind?

another trainer gives you superpotion and then you give the pysducks it I got stuck at that part too

Where is trainer blue in FireRed?

your rival is trainer blue

How does Pikachu walk with you in Pokemon Blue version?

Pikachu does not walk with its trainer in the blue version. Only in the yellow version does it walk by its trainer.

Pokmon emarld cheats?


Can you get a legendary Pokmon in Pokmon arcoiris?

Sadly, no. The creators of the game forgot to add in the Pokedex, so trading is impossible without GameShark. :(

How do you get Arceus in pokmon?

use action replay

Taught 3 Blue-Ribbon dogs for a show?

It is a very prestigious honor to win a blue ribbon in a dog show. Any trainer who has won three blue ribbons is probably a great trainer.

Can you get the blue orb without beating trainer red?

no you have to beat red to get the blue orb

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokmon Gold?

dfg tyhgtg

Where can you download pokmon FireRed?

You can download it at 4 SHARED.

How do you get vulpix in pokmon sapphire?

at mt. pyre

Is there a pokmon center in Florida?

yes there is. just fly there if you can