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the moon stone is inside the place where it says escape rope

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Q: Where is the Moon Stone in the Ruins of Alph in Pokémon SoulSilver?
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Where do you get a fire stone in SoulSilver?

in the ruins of Alph after you get a certain puzzle correct....You can get one at the pokeathlon everyday.

How do you get Palkia in SoulSilver?

in the ruins of Alph

Hoy to catch all 28 Unown?

in Pokemon heartgold ruins of alph in Pokemon soulsilver ruins of alph

HoW to get Palkia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

get an arceus and take it to ruins alph

How do you get giritina in SoulSilver?

you need to bring arceus to the ruins of alph

Where is the ruins of alph Pokemon SoulSilver?

South of Violet City.

How do you get extension in ruins of alph in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Shinto Ruins is only obtainable if you have an Arceus.

What Pokemon statue are they talking about in the ruins of alph in soulsilver?

It's Rhydon.

Where is Cynthia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

She is in the Sinjoh Ruins. This can only be accessed with bringing an event Arceus to the Ruins of Alph.

How do you get wild unknown in Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to the ruins of alph by Violet City

Where are the sliding puzzles in Pokemon SoulSilver?

they are in the ruins of alph, which is west of violet city.

Where is the first moon stone you can get in HeartGold?

Ruins of alph