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First off, the Red Orb has nothing to do with the Ruins of Alph on Pokemon Heartgold or Soulsilver.

The Red Orb is used at the Embedded Tower to summon Groudon. This Pokemon can only be obtained in Pokemon Soulsilver.

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Q: What does the Red Orb do in the Ruins of Alph on Pokemon Soul Silver?
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How do you find steven in ruins of alph on Pokemon soul silver?

Steven will never appear in the Ruins of Alph.

What does the unown have to do with Pokemon Soul Silver?

after getting all the unowns at Ruins of Alph when you go in the Ruins of Alph a celebi comes

Are there Pokemon in the ruins of alph in Pokemon soul silver?

go into the smaller ruins and slove the puzzels on the wall. The floor will open and you will fall into the ruins of alph. You will then find unown in the ruins.

Where is a star piece in Pokemon soul silver?

It is in one of the chambers in the ruins of alph

How do you unlock the sinoh ruins in Pokemon soul silver?

somehow get arces then go to the ruins of alph and go into the lab

Were do you find natu in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get natu at the ruins of alph in heart gold and soul silver

Where do you get Pokemon fossils in soul silver?

you can in the ruins of alph. just rock smash rocks by the north entrance.

Where to find the Pokemon unown in Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the ruins of alph near the sudowoodo. If you get inside the right building you can.

How do you get past the second puzzle of the ruins of alph in Pokemon soul silver?

the picture is aerodactyl the letters use flash

Where do you get the Sinnoh ledindaries in soul silver?

In the Sinjoh ruins of alph?

How do you get to sinjoh ruins on Pokemon Soul Silver?

Have Arceus as the main Pokemon in your party, and then go to the Ruins of Alph and head towards the Research Lab, where a researcher will bump into you, and lead you there.

Where is ruins of alph soul silver?

Right Next To Violet City.