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Have Arceus as the main Pokemon in your party, and then go to the Ruins of Alph and head towards the Research Lab, where a researcher will bump into you, and lead you there.

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Q: How do you get to sinjoh ruins on Pokemon Soul Silver?
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How do you find sinjoh in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you need a arceus then go to the ruins of alpha. if you do not have a arceus then your out of luck.

Where do you get the Sinnoh ledindaries in soul silver?

In the Sinjoh ruins of alph?

What are the Directions to sinjoh ruins in soul silver?

i think you have to finish the game then you will get a tru arceas then go to that one house in the ruins of alph

Where are the sinjoh ruins in soul silver?

The Sinjoh Ruins are in a far away and unknown place. You are teleported there by Arceus when you try to enter the house of the scientists in the Ruins of Alph with an event Arceus. It is not known exactly where they are, but the ruins are not close to the Kanto or Johto regions.

Can you get Palkia or Dialga on Pokemon soul silver?

Yes, you need to go through the ruins of alph, but you need a Arceus to unlock a new area called the Sinjoh Ruins, were Cynthia will be waiting to give you your choice of Dialga, Palkia or Giratina at level 1, holding their respective stones.

How do you get to Cynthia in soul silver?

You have to have arceus from an event. Then go to the ruins of alph and go to the house. Before u get inside this guy comes out and it's Pretty much automatic from there. U meet cynthia at the sinjoh ruins.

How do you find steven in ruins of alph on Pokemon soul silver?

Steven will never appear in the Ruins of Alph.

Are there Pokemon in the ruins of alph in Pokemon soul silver?

go into the smaller ruins and slove the puzzels on the wall. The floor will open and you will fall into the ruins of alph. You will then find unown in the ruins.

How do you catch unown in Pokemon soul silver?

you must go to the alpha ruins

Where is a star piece in Pokemon soul silver?

It is in one of the chambers in the ruins of alph

How do you unlock the sinoh ruins in Pokemon soul silver?

somehow get arces then go to the ruins of alph and go into the lab

What route can you find Dialga in Pokemon soul silver?

Diagla can be found in the Shinto Ruins.