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on the level before snow blind when the pilot drops you off. you follow the squad and when you go up the stairs you will see something that looks like a guard tower and when you go up there you will find it.

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Q: Where is the M95 in battlefield bad company in campaign?
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Does Battlefield Bad Company 2 have a campaign?


Is battlefield bad company 2 game a campaign?

No its completely on line exept the tutorial.

On battlefield bad company you play over xbox live?

Yes. it also has campaign.

Is battlefield bad company 2 player offline?

No it is not. It only has a single player offline campaign.

Is battlefield bad company 2 on-line play only?

No, it actually does have a single player campaign.

Is battlefield bad company 2 online only?

Depends what you mean. There is a campaign mode and a Multiplayer so no its not?

Is battlefield bad company 2 only aonline playing game?

It has a Campaign mode (Singleplayer) and Multiplayer.

Is there more than one campaign on Battlefield 3?

There is not. But there is CO-OP which is a online game mode only. and is like a mini campaign. But if you remmeber there was only one campaign on Battlefield Bad Company 2 until the vietnam Add-on/Map pack.

Does sweetwater in battlefield bad company die?

Sweetwater does not die in Battlefield Bad Company.

Is Battlefield 3 Battlefield Bad Company 3?

No, Battlefield 3 does not follow the Bad Company series storyline. Battlefield 3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2.

What is the best sniper rifle in bad company 2?

GOL has max accuracy. M95 has max damage. First sniper has more damage than GOL but less than M95 and has more accuracy than M95 but less than GOL.

Should i get battlefield bad company 2 or Medal of Honor?

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