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no.but u can get his medaparts of rokusho and if u got rokusho,s medaparts in Metabee version(u get that of karin just stay nice to karin when u see her always talk to her 5 times and later u get the=? medal it is a Ultra-Rare-Medal)

if u get the improved version of rokusho insert the ? medal to rokusho and u got the strongest medabot and medal

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Q: Where is the Kuwagata Medal in medabots - metabee?
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Where can we get dragon medal in medabots metabee version?

You can get dragon medal from medaropolis in top of it

Where do you get bear medal in medabots metabee version?

from a ninja after you leave the old lady's house.

Where do you get medabots in medabots metabee version?

you get tinpets over the course of the game and then you just put the parts on them

Is gokudo in medabots metabee version?

No he is not, not even in the Ninja Park

Cheatcodes for medabots ax metabee version?

there are no cheat codes

What game should I let's play Medabots Metabee Version or Yugioh the Sacred cards?

You should play the Medabots Metabee Version and not Yugioh the Sacred cards cause it is less fun.

Where is the cherub body medapart in metabee version?

In "Medabots: Metabee Version", the Cherub body part can be found in the Rubberobo Gang's hideout, located in the city. You'll need to defeat the gang members to retrieve the Cherub medal.

Where do you find erika in the train station in medabots RPG metabee version?


How do you earn a metal in Medabots Ax Metabee Version?

To get a metal. You have to beat an Arena with a gold star. Win all 3 matches in that arena and youll get a medapart and a medal. Some medals can only be found in the rokusho version like the phoniex medal. But you can only get the bomb medal in the metabee version. As in, its only in that version. there are other medals around!

How do you can defeat dark master in medabots metabee version?

just keep trying it takes luck!

Where is the devil medal in the medabots rokusho version?

You can only get the devil medal in medabots meta-bee version

How do you beat squid guts in medabots rokusho version for gba?

Well, he IS very hard, but use a fast long range shooter, (medabee is a good choice)And a Good healer (Mermaid Is perfect for this)In Rokusho version Use Rokusho and mermaid, basicly his fast attacks will not aloow Mega Emperor to charge up his laser, replace his pipo hammer with a ranged weapon or distroyer weapon (The mace thingy)Edit:I used the robot parts of those medabots like, the absorb missile, absorb laser, absorb beserk ball thing.And just keep using your medaforce and you will win. You will only be damaged by their medaforcesharder on round 2 though