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there is no such thing is a HM called remover

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Q: Where is the HM remover on Pokemon sapphire?
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Where is the hm remover?

The HM remover is in Canalave City below the Pokemon center.

Where is the hm remover in Pokemon FireRed?

Where did you hear that? There is no such HM as remover in any game.

How do you get HM waterfall in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get the HM waterfall in the same cave you get Kyogre

What is Hm9 on Pokemon Sapphire?

HM 9 is Waterfall.

Where is the hm cut on Pokemon sapphire?

the hm cut is in one of the houses in rustoboro city

Where is the HM dive in Pokemon platium?

it isn't in Pokemon platinum its in ruby and Sapphire

What is hm 7 in Pokemon?

the hm 7 is water fall you get it in sootopolis city in sapphire game

Pokemon sapphire hm 08?

Hm 08=Dive. You can get it in Mosdeep City in Steven House.

Where do you get HM flight in Pokemon Sapphire?

From your rival on Route 19.

Where is the HM remover in Pokemon Platinum?

He is in canalave city in the house right below the Pokemon centre

On Pokemon sapphire On Pokemon sapphire vershen how do you get the hm rock climb?

Rock Climb doesn't exist in Sapphire. It actually exist in Emerald so trade a Pokemon from Emerald to Sapphire that has rock climb!

What Pokemon can use the hm flash in Pokemon Sapphire?

there are many MANY Pokemon that can use the hm flash in Pokemon sapphire. the following Pokemon can: grovile( treeko),kirlia(ralts)shroomish, eletrike, Roselia, plusle, munun, magnemite, voltorb and many more