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Where to Find the Blaine

Go to Cinnibar Island by Surfing west of the most south point of Fuschia City. Go to the Cinnibar Mansion and get the secret key or something to unlock the gym's door. Then go to the gym and answer his questions. If you answer them wrong you have to fight yet another trainer whether you like it or not. After you go through all that, fight him with water, rock or ground. You have received the VolcanoBadge from Blaine! Woo hoo nice going!

Hi ummm how do we get the key is it the Abra Statues?
Cinnabar Island, you have to find the Secret Key in the Pokemon Mansion to unlock the doors and his Pokemon are a Growlithe L42, Ponyta L40, Rapidash L42, and an Arcanine L47
go to cinnaber island south of pallet town and beat the mansion then use the key to get to the gym, then answers blaines questions then beat him up

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Q: Where is the Blaine in Pokemon FireRed?
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