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Go to driftveil. Go up, then climb the stairs. Go left. If it's blocked,you need to beat team plasma grunts that are doing something. I don't have my game on me so I can't double check, but I hope this helped.

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Q: Where is the 5th gym leader in pokemon black?
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Where is the 5th gym on Pokemon Black?

Driftveil City. Gym Leader Clay!

How do you beat the 5th gym leader in Pokemon black?

Have a water ice or grass pokemon.

How do you get past the black out zone on Pokemon diamoned?

pass the 5th gym leader

Where is the 5th gym in Pokemon Blue?

The 5th gym is the Fuchia city gym Gym leader Koga

Who is the 5th gym leader on pokemon platnum?


What Pokemon dos the 5th gym leader have in Pokemon Firered?


Who is the fifth gym leader on pokemon sapphire?

In sapphire, the 5th gym leader is your dad, in that city after Oakdale.

Where is the gym leader of 2nd badge in the gym in Pokemon black?

in the museum

Fifth gym leader of Johto in Pokemon?

The 5th gym leader in Johto is Chuck. He is located in Cianwood City.

What Pokemon does gym leader Lenora have in pokemon black?

Herdier and Watchog.

How do you get a Pokemon gym leader to trade with you in Pokemon black version?

You Cant

What do you do after you beat the 5th gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

what did you say