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Lenora, the second gym leader, is found in her gym AKA the museum in Nacrene City.

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Q: Where is the 2nd gym leader in Pokemon black?
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Where is the gym leader of 2nd badge in the gym in Pokemon black?

in the museum

Where do you get moonstone on Pokemon Black and White?

After you've beaten the 2nd Gym leader, Team plasma shows up and steals a fossil. you chase them for a bit and after you rescue the fossil, the 2nd gym leader gives you the moonstone.

Where is the 2nd gym leader in Platinum?

The second gym is in Eterna City. The gym leader is Gardenia, who specializes in Grass-type Pokemon.

What Pokemon does gym leader Lenora have in pokemon black?

Herdier and Watchog.

How do you get a Pokemon gym leader to trade with you in Pokemon black version?

You Cant

Where is the 5th gym on Pokemon Black?

Driftveil City. Gym Leader Clay!

Where is the 2nd gym leader on Pokemon crystal?

in goldenrod city

Where is the 2nd gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

Gym leader Gardenia is in Eterna City. Pokemon: Turtwig- Lv20 Cherrim- Lv20 Roserade- Lv22

Who is the 8th gym leader in Pokemon black?

The 8th gym leader is Drayden, who uses Dragon-type Pokemon. You face him in Opelucid City.

What pokemon does the eighth gym leader have in pokemon black?

druddigon, fraxure and a haxorus

How do you beat the 2nd gym leader in pokemon diamond?

With good Fire of Fly Pokemon!

How do I get to challenge Misty in Pokemon ash's quest?

She is the 2nd gym leader ;))