Where is the 4th gym in platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The fourth gym in platinum is the veilstone gym

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Q: Where is the 4th gym in platinum?
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Where is the 4th gym in Pokemon platinum?

in veilstone city

Where is the 4th gym leader on Pokemon platinum?

The fourth gym leader is Maylene in Veilstone City, a fighting type gym leader.

Where do you get fly in platinum?

go to the galatic warehouse after defeating the 4th gym leader

Where is the Grand Lake hotel in Pokemon platinum?

Just the way between Vielstone (3rd Gym) to Pastoria(4th Gym)

How do you do with the punching bags in the 4th gym in Pokemon platinum?

just walk into them and they will slide to the next spot

In Pokemon platinum in vilistone citys galactic hideout how do you get to Cyrus?

You need to get further that the 4th gym leader to do that

What does dawn say when you beat the fourth gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

she says wow you beat the 4th gym leader that's great if i remember it right

Where is the steel type gym in platinum?

The Steel-type Gym in Platinum is in Canalave City.

How do you go to to the 4th gym on Pokemon platinum because two guys are blocking it on the east end of hearthome city?

aint it obvious u gottadefeat da 3rd gym

Where can you find shadow claw in Pokemon platinum?

well you will have to defeat the 5th gym leader and once you defeated her she will give you the TM move shadow claw you will find the 5th gym leader at hearthome city before you deafeat the gym leader you will need to defeat the 4th gym leader in order to defeat the 5th gym leader

Where is the eight gym leader at in platinum?

The eighth gym leader in Pokemon platinum is the one in sunny shore city.

What do you do after fourth gym in Pokemon Platinum?

Your 4th would be Maylene the Fightning Gym Leader. Now you must go south of Veilstone and follow the path to a Grand Hotel then south on to the beach and continue your path to Pastoria for your 5th gym.