Where is stark mountain?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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It's at the top of your map to the east(which is right)

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Q: Where is stark mountain?
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Where is stark mountain in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no stark mountain. stark mountain is only in DPP

What is the treasure of stark mountain?

Stark Mountain is a destination in the video game "Pokemon." Apparently, there is a treasure pearl located on this mountain.

Where do you get Hetran?

stark mountain

Who do you get through Stark Mountain?

Once you get through the first level of Stark Mountain you will see Buck. Buck needs help to get through Stark Mountain. Once you get him trough he takes the treasure and leaves.

What do you do after beating team galactic in the stark mountain?

After beating team galactic at stark mountain go catch heatran.

Where is stark mt in diamond?

Stark mountain is right of the survival zone

Where do you catch a Heatran in Pokemon Platinum?

Stark Mountain! To get Heatran you must defeat Stark Mountain. Stark Mountain is only accessible after you obtain the National Dex. use yawn and get him on red then use a great ball

Where is the arerizone in stark mountain?

My friend told me that you can get it in stark mountain using the zahori which is the watch that can be used to find hiden items

Where is stark mountain in Pokemon Yellow?

Stark Mountain does not exist in Pokemon Yellow. It is only found in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

What mountain in Pokemon platinum?

Mt. Coronet and stark mountain

What do you do after you beat stark mountain?


How do you get overheat in pearl?

stark mountain