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in slateport helping the ship people

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Q: Where is mr briney when you get surf?
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Where is Mr Briney after you get Surf in Pokemon Ruby Version?

Catch a Marill or its lesser for Ezuirel then teach it surf.

What happens to Mr birch after you get HM surf in Pokemon emerald?

why would anything happen to him? i think he/she means mr briney.

How do you find mr briney in Pokemon emerald?

Mr briney is in a house near petalburg woods.

Where is Mr Briney after you beat the eighth gym in Pokemon ruby?

mr briney is at slateport helping the people make the ship

Can you go back to dewford if you forgot to get the old rod and you have no water Pokemon?

Walk around the grass outside Mr. Briney's House. A wild marrill will appear eventually, you can teach it surf.

Where can you capture water Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby Version before you get Surf?

Marill at Route 111. First This Is So Easy You Get A Old rod in dewford i dont know where the other is and get the super rod at mossdeep but you need surf to get to mossdeep and talk to mr. briney to get to dewford but hes gone when you have surf.

Where is Mr Briney after mission in mossdepp city?

Mr.Briney is a temporary character in the game..once you obtain the HM surf,he is no longer in the game as all he did was drop you to Dewford from Petalburg and back..thus,there is no need of him.

How do you gt to sootopoliscity in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can get to Sootopolis city by using the HM Fly, or the HM Surf (if you use Surf ,surf off the coast of route 104) to Dewford town. Then , surf east on route 107,then on route 108 you'll see the abandoned ship. On route 109 surf up then you'll be in Sootopolis.(If Mr. Briney's ship he'll drive you there) happy to help!

How do you get to the second gym in sapphire?

Sail with Mr. Briney to Dewford Town.

Where is Mr Briney in Pokemon Ruby?

he is near the woods in petalburg city ;)

Where can you find Mr Briney on Pokemon sapphire?

Out side of petalburg woods

Where are all the places Mr Briney go in Pokemon sapphire?

dewford and slateport