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Mr briney is in a house near petalburg woods.

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Q: How do you find mr briney in Pokemon emerald?
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What happens to Mr birch after you get HM surf in Pokemon emerald?

why would anything happen to him? i think he/she means mr briney.

Where can you find Mr Briney on Pokemon sapphire?

Out side of petalburg woods

How do you get to slateport city in Pokemon emerald?

you sail with mr briney, to dewford, deliver the letter and beet the gym, then sail to slateport.

Where does mr briney live in Pokemon Emerald?

He lives somewhere in Pokemon emerald=== but i don't know where! please if you know where he lives, e-mail me at! thank you! (i will put the answer on wiki answers)

Pokemon emerald how to get to dewford if you skiped dewford's gym?

Mr briney can be found near petalburg woods he takes you dewford town.

What do you do after you get the letter in emerald?

Go to cave near rustboro and find mr briney who will sail you to dewford where you deliver the letter

Where is Mr Briney after you beat the eighth gym in Pokemon ruby?

mr briney is at slateport helping the people make the ship

Where can I find capt stern in Pokemon Emerald?

Captain Stern is first located at Slateport City. After saving Mr Briney's Peeko on the tunnel, go to Briney's hut and talk to him. After delivering the goods at Steven and finishing the gym at the Dewford town, talk to Mr. Briney and go to Slateport City. Go up and enter the museum. On the second floor, captain stern was standing next to the scale model of SS Anne.

Where is Mr Briney in Pokemon Ruby?

he is near the woods in petalburg city ;)

Where do you get slakoth in Pokemon emerald?

where mr briney lives, there is a gap to go to the other side.u go there and somewhere in the bushes u will find's really rare, so i will give it only 10% or 20% chance of finding one.

Where are all the places Mr Briney go in Pokemon sapphire?

dewford and slateport

Where to find mr stern in Pokemon emerald?

nasa puso mo