Where is move tutor in platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the move tutor is in pastoria city where crasher wake's gym is at

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Q: Where is move tutor in platinum?
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Is there a move tutor in Pokemon platinum who teaches seismic toss?


How do you get ice punch in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum the move tutor on Route 212 can teach it to your pokémon.

Move tutor for superpower in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

There is no tutor in d/p you must trade the Pokemon to platinum teach it from the shard move tutor in the survival area and then trade it back

Where can you find mean look in platinum?

if u have a gengar the move tutor can teach it to it

How does luxray learn superpower in platinum?

The Move Tutor can teach Luxray Superpower.

Where can find aTM fire punch in Pokemon platinum?

fire punch isn't a TM in platinum. There is a move tutor who will teach it to your Pokemon. it is the tutor on the route west of pastoria city

How can you teach Groudon fire punch?

Move tutor only in Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Where is he TM yawn in Pokemon platinum?

There isn't a TM, but you should go to the move tutor in Pastoria.

Pokemon platinum where to find move tutor?

There is one on Route 212, snowpoint city & the survival area

Where is the move tutor for heat wave in Pokemon Heart Gold?

I know where a move tutor is but I don't know if he teaches heat wave. He is in a house in blackthorn city. the move tutor doesn't let you learn heat wave. don't confuse it with blast burn. heat wave is only available in platinum at the survival area move tutor and at the battle frontier access for 48 BP.

What level does absol learn superpower?

Absol don't learn Superpower, only the Move Tutor in Platinum can teach it to them.

Where is the move tutor in survival area?

you go on route 226 and there is a small patch of grass next to the survival it is a wall you can use rockclimb on.use rockclimb.up there is a house.that is the move tutor.(platinum only,NOT diamond or pearl)