Where is misty?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Pokemon Soul Silver, she's north of Cerulean (go across the golden bridge, northwards.) You can't get to her until you beat the Team Rocket Grunt who stole the Machine Part from the Power Plant. After you beat him, and retrieve the part from the Cerulean Gym (its in one of the inner tubes, on the left or west side, inside)

Go north over the bridge, and turn east (right) You have to beat 6 trainers, but I'd beat the 7th too, as he gives you your "prize" ( a nugget ). Not very useful, except to make 5000 quick cash.

Keep going east (right) and eventually you'll see her with someone else. Go talk to her. Then she'll return to her gym.

Her Pokemon, like in previous games, are mostly water types. But she does Have a Quagsire (Water ground ) Golduck (Water) Starmie (Water Psychic) and Lapras (Water Ice).

But beware, Golduck knows Psychic, or Zen Headbutt, and Starmie knows Blizzard.

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Q: Where is misty?
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