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looker only comes when you beat the game and he gives you a Super Rod and you meet him when you find the seven sages.

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Q: Where is looker in black city in Pokemon black?
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Where is looker after you catch the 7 sages in Pokemon black?

looker? you must have the question wrong, there is no one named looker in either B&W of pokemon (why because i named my character looker! :D)

How do you receive the library pass from looker on Pokemon black?

You don't get the pass from looker, you get it from the event which has already passed.

What was the last message Looker gave in Pokemon Black?

hes not a pokemon black person hes in pokemon platinum duuuh :O

Where do you find looker in Pokemon black once you finish finding the seven sages?

you go to nuvema town to your house and talk to looker

Who is the mysterious man that looker is searching for in Pokemon Black?

el ID de pokemon black para el action replay

Where is looker in black city?

He isn't there. I already searched the entire city 10 times.

Where do you go to get the black flute on Pokemon Platinum?

You get the black flute when you reach the smashed wall and Looker gives you it.

What does looker give you for finding the seven sages in Pokemon black?

He goes back to sinnoh

What can you do next after defeating the Elite Four in Pokemon Black and White?

go home get looker

What do you do when you find the last sage in Pokemon black version?

Looker tells you that the last time N was spotted was riding on reshiram/zekrom.

How old is the looker?

Looker is 35 in Pokemon Platinum.

In Pokemon platinem what do you do aftr you talk to looker in the warehouse?

go 2 velistone city