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what the hell is ghost town i haven't heard of that for as long as I've played heartgold and i can tell you there is no such thing as ghost town unless your talking about the town in johto with the ghost type gym leader because if you wanna get there you first get a spray bottle in goldenrod and squirt that tree in the route above then you have to battle this sudowoodo and catch or kill it then you can keep going upwards and battle some guys/gals.

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Q: Where is ghost town in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where is murkrow ghost in Pokemon HeartGold?

There isn't Murkrow's Ghost in Pokemon HeartGold. It maybe just a rumor.

Where in Pokemon HeartGold is MrKurt?

Azalea Town

Is gangar really a pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Gengar is a ghost-poison type pokemon that evolves from Haunter.

You cant beat the ghost gym leader in Pokemon HeartGold?


How do you restore the power for the Kanto Radio station in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Kanto Radio Station is already up and running in Pokemon HeartGold. There is nothing that needs to be done to it to ensure that it works. In Pokemon Red and Blue, however, you had to defeat the ghost of the Marowak that haunted the Radio Tower in Kanto in Lavender Town.

How do you get to PRYCE in pokemon heartgold?

hes in magondy town

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

mahogany town

How do you get rock climeb in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pallet town

Where is pro. elm in Pokemon HeartGold?

newbark town

Where can you find Kurt at Pokemon HeartGold?

Azalea Town.

How do you get to the 2 gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

its in azalea town

Pokemon HeartGold how to get to the ice path?

It is beside Mahogany town.