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-Go to the class trainers and get class-specific enhancements. Type "/join trainers" in chat (without the quotes)

-When you are in the town of Battleon, you go to the inn. Then go up the stairs. On your left is a door to customise your character. On your right is the bathroom. Eneter the bathromm. There's a guy in the tub (akward). If you click the exclaimation point above his head, a menu pops up. Click enhancement. You can enhance helmets, weapons, capes, and armor based on luck.

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Q: Where is enhancement in adventure quest worlds?
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no such thing... x.x

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/join arcangrove and talk to Rayst.

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There is no enhancements for pets. There was once and Adventurer's Pet Enhancement but that is now rare.

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it depends on what enhancement you put on the katana. HOPE THIS HELPS! :)

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Click "enhancement" button on town menu then click shop then you scroll down then you will find lvl 1 spitfire enhancement but its member only

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No, you cannot chat on Adventure Quest Worlds after your membership expires.

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