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To find Doctor Strangeglove in Moshi Monsters go to main street. there are a couple having a picnic on the grass. Click on the egg. it will jump into the basket. you follow it to 'Moshling Boshling'

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DOCTOR STRANGE GLOVE hides and sleeps in his ballon

to catch him wate on the map till he comes then click on him if nothing happins go to the candy cave and he's some times there whith sweet touth he haunts your moshlings at night so catch him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cought him befor i tied him up in my room but his glumps came and took me away and let him go my moshling's and (pink and yellow 2003) and (ajjck) my friends to (nibbles12345678100) is my user for moshis help me fight for safty for our moshlings

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Q: Where is doctor strange glove on moshi monsters?
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Is doctor strange glove in moshi monsters Simon growl?

No doctor strange glove in not in moshi monsters.

What do you do after you hypnotize the glove in moshi monsters mission 9?

you click on strange glove. and watch

What are the secret badges on moshi monsters?

cach dr strange glove

What is Dr strangelove's real name on moshi monsters?

strange glove

How do you pick up the book after Doctor Strange Glove has ruined the dorm on Moshi Monsters Misson 6?

You click on it then it is in your bag on the right hand side of the screen

Why won't it let me play multiplayer puzzles in moshi monsters?

Its because doctor strange glove broke something. (so it says ). It wont work for me either !

How do you get pinky on Moshi Monsters?

you complete the strange glove from above please add me im minnie5683

How do you do the tenth mission on moshi monsters?

first, find the glove. second find strangeglove. third, you beat strange glove and save monstro city

Why is purple smoke coming out of the volcano in moshi monsters?

Probably Dr Strange Glove he must have done something to the volcano.

What is doctor strange gloves real name on moshi monsters?

His real name is Lavender Troggs.

Who is the monster that tells you to rob on Moshi Monsters?

Well, there is no actual person that tells you to rob. You might be talking about Dr. Strange-glove. He is Moshi Monster's worst enemy.

Who is sweet tooth the moshling on moshi monsters?

Sweet Tooth is not a moshling. Sweet Tooth is someone who works for Dr. Strange Glove. You can see Sweet Tooth in the Super Moshi Missions.