Where is digglet's cave?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Diglett's cave is just east of vermilion city

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East of Vermilion City/Southeast of Pewter City.

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Q: Where is digglet's cave?
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How do you get digglet?

Digglets cave its in Kanto regon

Do you need flash for digglets cave?

No, Diglett's Cave does not require Flash.

Where is snore lax but not the digglets one in soulsilver?

The only Snorlax's are the one by Digglets cave, and the one Red has.

Where is snore lax in soul sliver?

in front of digglets cave

Were is digglets cave?

near vermillion city.a snorlax is blocking it

How do you get the Snorlax out the way of digglets cave on soldsilver on ds?

You have to use the pokeflute on the radio.

How do you get into digglets cave?

you use your music on the pokegear until the pokeflute plays then talk to snorlax

Can you get throuugh diglett cave without rock climb?

Yes. You wont need any HM's to get through Digglets Cave. Unless you need to use Flash.

Where is Brock on Pokemon HeartGold you can't find him he is not in the gym?

He is in digglets cave right at the end of it before you get into Peweter city.

How do you get to digglets cave?

you go to Cerulean city up a bridge turn left go down use surf go to the guy that stands in front of the cave talk and you are in

How do you get past the builders on route 19?

you have to first get past the snorlax in the way of the entrance to digglets cave and then go through it and you will know what to do from there.

Where is digglets cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to vermillion city go east and digglets cave will be there once your there you will see a snorlax once you got the EXPN card from lavender radio tower go to your pokegear and go to the radio card move the dot on the globe on the top and it will play to the pokeflute it will wake up snorlax and then knock it out to get in