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you have to first get past the snorlax in the way of the entrance to digglets cave and then go through it and you will know what to do from there.

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Q: How do you get past the builders on route 19?
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How do you get the builders away from route 19 on soulsilver?

Im pretty sure you can't. You'd have to find another way around them. Sorry!

How do you get past the--builders-are--in-the-way-on-route-19-andpolice-offcer-victory-road-and--on-heartgold?

from pallet town, go backwards, and you'll get to cinnabar island. I forgot how you get rid of them, but you do, eventually. And to get to mt.silver and the other route, beat the elite four, and after some stuff, like talking to prof.oak I think, the police will move, but they will still be there, and you can go.

How do you get past the two men on route 19 in heartgold?

you have to defeat red first then they move , i hope i help

Is there a route past route 24 in Pokemon platinum?

There is, in fact, no route past route 24

How do you get past the people guarding route 19 near fuchsia city?

you need to have all the badges or six i think

What is the past tense of route?

The past tense of "route" is "routed".

How do you get past the guys on Route 19?

you can go behind them in heart gold soul silver I'm not so sure good luck

How do you get past the road construction on route 19 in soul silver?

after you beat blaine.but you dont get anything,you just take the long cut.

How do you get past route 18 on Pokemon white?

You can't get past route 18 because there's nothing past it.

How do you get on route 19 on Pokemon HeartGold?

get to fuchsia city go down and you will be in Route 19

How do you go to the route 19 in soul silver?

if you are talking about getting past road block there you can't. you have go through diglet cave to get petwer and virdidan

How do you get past the construction workers on route 19 in soul silver?

You have to defeat the Seafoam Islands Gym. You can get to Seafoam Islands by surfing south of Pallet Town.