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when you go into the professers lab to the right close by the entrance is a guy with black hair which might be him if not try her house

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Q: Where is dawns father in Pokemon platinum?
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Where is lucas or dawns father in the underground tunnel in Pokemon platinum?

He isn't in the underground, you don't have to find him.

Were is dawns sister?

southwest of Pokemon research lab in sandgem-platinum

Can you catch larvitar in Pokemon platinum?

you can catch a larvitar on route 206 if dawns sister says you can.

Where is Dawn's dad in Pokemon Platinum?

He is in the same place as pearl and diamond versions(Dawns house)

Where is dawns father in Pokemon pearl?

Dawn's Father is in the passage way after Eterna City before the cycling road

Where to get beldum in Pokemon platinum?

if you talk to dawns sister she will tell you were you can find a Pokemon she will say there is a beldum on some route you can only talk to her once a day

How do you get krabby in platinum?

you have to ask dawns sister

Where do you find dawns little sister in Pokemon fire red?

in dawns house

Where do you catch doduo in Pokemon platinum?

talk to dawns sister in sangem town,she might say there are doduo at route 201 dawn or lucasue which there one ( i have lucasue)

What is the code to have dawn's Pokemon on Pokemon diamond with the action replay card?

the answer is to get Dawns Pokemon in Pokemon pearl the code have dawns Pokemon for every code you have to put wha you want!!! its sooooo easy!!!

Where to catch drowzee in Pokemon platinum?

you get drowzee when you talk to dawns little sister in sandgem town each day she says different Pokemon and one day she will say drowzee because ive got one...

Where is dawns sister in sand gem town in Pokemon platinum?

its the house below the pokemon center in sandgem town...she will be sitting on a chair i think you can find her mum next to the girl...anyways i dont know so yeah