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The 'Cycling Road' is between Eterna and Oreburgh (it doesn't go directly to Oreburgh, but that is the nearest city).

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Q: Where is cycling road in Pokemon Diamond?
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On Pokemon Diamond where is the itemfinder?

You get it from Dawn(or brandon) at the end of cycling road

Who is miru in Pokemon diamond?

a girl at the end of wayward cave under cycling road

How do you get Pokemon 115 in Pokemon Diamond?

Get a Gible in the cave below Cycling Road, and evolve it twice to obtain Garchomp.

Where is the cycling road in Pokemon diamond?

It is at the far south of Eterna City. You will need a Bike first before you can enter the road.

Where is the EXP Share in Pokemon diamond?

south of entera city in the building right before cycling road.

How do you get gilble on Pokemon diamond?

You can get Gible on Pokemon Diamond in the Wayward Cave hidden under Cycling Road in Route 206. You will need the HM move Strength to access the cave.

Where can you catch a gible Pokemon diamond?

They are rarely found in Wayward Cave, the secret area under the Cycling Road.

Where to find exp share Pokemon Diamond?

You get it from Professor Rowan's assistant in Eterna City, at the bottom just before the cycling road inside the building that makes the transition between Eterna and the Cycling road.

Where is Earthque in Pokemon diamond?

In way ward cave under the cycling road after winning canalave gym city battle

Where do you find claydol on pokemon diamond?

On Route 206 use your PokeRadar an you'll eventually catch it. It's by the cycling road.

Where is the cicling road on Pokemon diamond?

Right under eterna city.If you look at your map under eterna city there should be a line. that's the cycling road.

How do you go underneath the cycling road in Pokemon diamond?

you use cut on the bottom right end of cycling road, at the end there is also a cave and hidden cave, where you can find gible. it's the only place in the game to find it.