Where is badge 8 in Pokemon greenleaf?

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go to viridian city after the 7th gym

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2009-10-08 16:34:20
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Q: Where is badge 8 in Pokemon greenleaf?
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What are the 8 badges from Pokemon Red?

The 8 badges for Pokemon Red are: Boulder Badge, (Brock) Cascade Badge, (Misty) Thunder Badge, (Lt. Surge) Rainbow Badge, (Erika) Marsh Badge, (Sabrina) Soul Badge, (Koga) Volcano Badge, (Blaine) and Earth Badge. (Giovanni)

What badge to you have to obtain after you get hm 8 in Pokemon diamond?

the seventh gym badge snowpoint gym

Where can you find the 8 badge in Pokemon ruby?

At Sootopolis City.

How do you get pass the victory road gate in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to collect the 8 official Pokemon league badges. They are boulder badge, cascade badge, marsh badge, earth badge, rainbow badge, volcano badge, soul badge, and thunder badge. ten go into victory road.

How do you get the eight gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

beat 8 gyms

What is the eighth badge on Pokemon Diamond called?

The 8th Badge in Pokemon Diamond is called The Beacon Badge.

How do you get badge 8 in pokemon firered?

The city were you help the man with no, coffe the first city.

Where is 8 gym Pokemon LeafGreen?

Its in Viridian City, the Earth Badge, vs. Giovanni

How many gym badges can you get in Pokemon heartgold?

There are 16 badges in total, 8 from Johto and 8 from Kanto.They are:Zephyr Badge - FlyingHive Badge - BugPlain Badge - NormalFog Badge - GhostStorm Badge - FightingMineral Badge - Ground / Steel / RockGlacier Badge - IceRising Badge - DragonBoulder Badge - Rock/GroundCascade Badge - WaterThunder Badge - ElectricRainbow Badge - GrassSoul Badge - PoisonMarsh Badge - PsychicVolcano Badge - FireEarth Badge - (last gym leader, blue, has no type i think he has a ninetales, a scizor, a rhydon, and other stuff.)

In Pokemon emerald what badge lets Pokemon obey you?

These are the Gym Badges that make your Pokemon obey:Knuckle Badge: Pokemon up to level 30 obey you.Heat Badge: Pokemon up to level 50 obey you.Feather Badge: Pokemon up to level 70 obey you.Rain Badge: All Pokemon regardless of their level will obey you.

What town is the 8 badge in Pokemon FireRed?

Veridian city the gym leader id Giovanni

Where is earth badge in Pokemon Yellow?

the earth badge is located in the game in pokemon yellow

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