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Yes because when you use your digging kit it takes forever to find one So here's a hint to find one FIRST dig kit screech for the YELLOW stars NEXT go and keep tapping the screen on your DS NEXT stay were you are and BEWARE of the WHITE stars!! NEXT find a wall were no other places were fond that means NO yellow stars only 1 OK KEEP trying in till you find AND reamer what ever you do DO NOT GO NEAR THE WHITE Stars if there is 1 or 2 Or a lot stay there and press the A button to pick it up.

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Q: Where is a water stone in Pokemon diamond?
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Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

On Pokemon diamond what is a water stone for?

to evolve certain Pokemon

In Pokemon Diamond which Pokemon evolves with a water stone?


What Pokemon evolve with a water stone on Pokemon Diamond?

A Water Stone evolves a Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu, Eevee, and Lombre.

Pokemon needs a water stone on diamond and perl?

what do you mean

What pokemon evolve from a water stone in pokemon diamond?

an Eevee, use a water stone on it to evolve it into a vaporeonEevee into VaporeonPoliwhirl into PoliwrathLombre into LudicoloShellder into CloysterStaryu into Starmie

Where do you get the water stone in Pokemon diamond?

you can find one while mining

Which stone makes eevee evolve Pokemon Diamond?

Thunder stone =Jolteon Water stone = Vaporeon.Fire stone = Flareon.

Where to find a fire stone and water stone on Pokemon diamond?

go underground and keep digging till u find a water stone or a fire stone

How do you get polliwrath Pokemon diemond?

To get the Pokemon Poliwrath in Pokemon Diamond version you have to evolve a Polywhirl. To do this, you need to expose it to a water stone.

Where can you fined a Water Stone in Pokemon diamond?

there is 1 at route13 with surf. or go underground.

Where can you find poliwrath in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't you have to get poliwhirl and then use a water stone on it [which is underground]