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You will need to chase Suicune to these locations after releasing it from the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City: north of Cianwood City; Route 42 (just outside of Mt. Mortar); Vermilion City, on the dock; Route 14 (east of Fuchsia City); lastly you will be able to battle and catch it on Route 25 after encountering it at the previous locations.

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Q: Where is Suicune in Pokemon HeartGold after Eusine battles you?
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In SoulSilver do you ever see eusine again after catching Suicune?

No You dont

What happens when the Suicune guy beats you on pokemon crystal?

Losing to Eusine results in you whiting out, as what happens when you lose a normal trainer/gym leader battle. You're returned to the last Pokemon Center and lose half of your money.

Morty is absent from his gym how do you find him?

Go to the burned tower in Ecrateak City and talk to Eusine. Morty is in there too, helping Eusine find a way to tame Suicune down in the basement. When you try to go down the ladder, Your rival shows up and challenges you to a battle. Defeat your rival and go to the basement. The Three ledgandary dogs will look at you and then scatter. Entei first, Raikou second. Suicune will take one bound until he is in front of you. He will stop and look at you for a moment, then Eusine will come down and suicune will run off. Morty will then be back at his Gym

Where is the Suicune Pokemon in the Kanto Region?

When you first get to Kanto, you will see it in the water after you get off the S.S. Aqua. Then you will see it again outside of Fushia City (and after crossing or going to Silent Bridge) at which point Eusine will say he's seeing a pattern and will tell you he likes watery hilly areas in the north. Then, you fly to cerulean city and go north, and there you will find Suicune at level 40. Happy hunting!

How do you show Eusine Entei and Raikou?

I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE! EUSINE: Hi! I'm back visiting my hometown. It's been quite a while. Oh, by the way, CATHI. Have you caught the legendary POKEMON RAIKOU and ENTEI? Okay.. If you catch even one, I hope that you'll inform me. I'm counting on you, CATHI! This is what I get..but I don't understand.. I have Entei, Raikou AND Suicune... Why can't he see that I have them? that makes no sense it doesnt help anyone

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In Pokemon HeartGold can Eusine capture Suicune before the players can?


How do do you catch Suicune in Pokemon HeartGold?

chase it then you can catch it find out where it goes on

When are you able to catch Suicune in Pokemon soulsilver?

After you get to Kanto and talked to Eusine, go to the cape outside of Cerulean.

How do you get sucunie in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is the same method to catch suicune. First you have to go to the Burned Tower in Ecruteak. Next go to the Northern part of Cianwood. You will then battle Eusine. Next you have to go to Route 42. Surf to the right. You should see a small space with three apricorn trees and Suicune waiting. Use cut. The fourth place is when you get off the S.S. Aqua. Suicune will then run to a fifth hiding spot. His fifth spot is at the southern end of Route 12. Suicune will then run to his final spot. At Cerulean Cape, Eusine will meet you there. He says that Suicune is waiting. Go up the steps. You might want to save. You then battle and hopefully catch Suicune. Hope this helped! :). -Silver Typhlosion

Where are the lengedary dogs in Pokemon HeartGold?

The first two Legendary Dogs are scattered about the Johto Region, hopping from route to route every time you change routes or cities. However, Suicune, the third legendary dog, is not always in the Johto region. You have to follow Eusine and Suicune across the Johto and Kanto regions, where Suicune will finally battle you and stay in the Kanto Region somewhere.

In SoulSilver do you ever see eusine again after catching Suicune?

No You dont

Where does Suicune go in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Suicune can be found in a few routes. You will firstly see it in the Burned Tower, joined by Raikou and Entei. Then, it will run around, and you will just have to find it. Unlike Raikou and Entei, who cross the Johto land and flee as soon as you encounter them, Suicune can be interacted to for a short period of time, of which you cannot battle, but merely see it flee again. Another time when you will see it is on Route 42, near the three Apricorns. It is a good idea to follow its direction. Each time you see it, a man named Eusine will pop up. Eusine is interested in Suicune, and actually battles you. The next time you see it will be in the Kanto region, on Route 14. Suicune will then flee up the the region, and you will receive a hint from Eusine. What he means is that, Suicune likes high and wet places. So go to the Cerulean Cape on Route 25 (also where Bill's house is), and you will finally get a chance to battle and catch Suicune. There is also a chance you can get a Shiny Suicune, but that is very rare.

How can you catch Suicune on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go to Fuchsia City and then to Route 15 (If you have already seen Suicune on the water just fly to Cerulean City). Next go to Route 25 and (if you have already fought her) go to where you found Misty. Then you will see Suicune and Eusine will come and talk to you. After that just talk to Suicune and battle it.

How do you catch a Suicune in soul silver?

after u follow suicune all over johto, beat the pokemon league. then follow it around kanto. you will also run into eusine several times. after he realizes that suicune likes hills and water go to cerulean cape in kanto after u beat the cerulean gym. suicune will be waiting for u.

How do you catch Suicune on soul silver?

Find Suicune in all locations and go to Route 25 and Eusine appears, you will battle Suicune if you defeat Suicune. Beat the Elite 4 and the champion, it reappears in the Burnt Tower.

What happens when the Suicune guy beats you on pokemon crystal?

Losing to Eusine results in you whiting out, as what happens when you lose a normal trainer/gym leader battle. You're returned to the last Pokemon Center and lose half of your money.

Where do you get the 3 rare Pokemon in soulsliver?

go to the eruteak burned tower and you will see raikou,suicune,and entei at the bottom floor. go to the right side and the weird guy[eusine] will tell you he's been tracking suicune down for years. go up and you will see a ladder.go down it and right in front of you are the legendary dog pokemon. entei and raikou will run off in different directions. suicune circles you and leaves. eusine talks to you again. raikou and entei are roaming johto. suicune is first at cinawood city,[first you battle eusine] then mt. motar,then leaves to kanto at vermillion city, then pewter will battle suicune should find raikou first,then entei, then usual is walking in and out of eruteak should use a quick ball for raikou, an ultra ball on entei, and a quick ball on suicune. hope i helped! -posted by jadelyn guffey