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When you enter the Palace, you must look on your right. The first door on the right, inside that room is Sir Prysin. :)

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Q: Where is Sir Prysin in Varrock Palace?
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Where is sir prysin on runescape?

You can find this guy in the West side of Varrock palace, ground floor

How do you get the three keys on rune scape?

By searching first in the sewer (after using the bucket of water on the drain pipe right outside of Varrock Palace's kitchen), next from Sir Prysin in the Varrock palace and from the Wizard Traiborn in the Wizards Tower.

In RuneScape how do you get a silverlight sword after finishing the quest shadow of the storm i already tried asking sir prysin he says there the same thing?

You buy it from Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle for 500gp

In runescape can silverlight be sold over the grand exchange?

Nope, it can't be traded or sold in the Grand Exchange. You can always get another one though for 500gp by talking to the Sir Prysin in the Varrock Palace.

How do you get darklight back in runescape if you lose it?

If a player loses Darklight, it can be retrieved by talking to Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle and paying him 1,000 coins.

Where is the varrock palace kitchen?

The answer is in the question, Varrock Castle (Palace).

Where are the palace sewers in varrock in RuneScape?

The Varrock sewers are located just east of the Varrock Palace. It is marked with and exclamation mark(!) on the world map, right beside the Varrock palace.

In RuneScape what happens when you lose silverlight?

nothing if you lose it you can buy it off of sir prysin for 500 gp at the varrock castle. once completed demon slayer you should keep it because it is used later on in shadow of the storm.

Where is the kitchen in runescape where sir prysin's key is?

It's Varrock Castle. To get it you need to get a bucket of water and use the bucket of water on the kitchen drain. Thie key will fall into the sewer, you'll need to go to the Varrock Sewers to pick up the key. The key will be on top of a pile of mud near a clump of several skeletons.

Where do you find the first silverlight key?

Sir Prysin will give it to you after you talk to him.

Where is the Varrock palace in RuneScape?

The Varrock Palace in RuneScape is located at the center of Varrock. It can be reached by running east of the Grand Exchange, running north of the Varrock Lodestone, and also by running south from the Wilderness. The Varrock Palace is most commonly used for quest purposes because King Roald is located in there.

How do you get into the varrock sewers?

You climb down the manhole east of Varrock Palace.